English Conversation Tables

Led by British Writer Robin Saikia

English Conversation Tables - Robin Saikia - Every Tuesday evening - 2016-2017

Every Tuesday evening we present a lively and informal series of one-hour English conversation classes led by distinguished British writer Robin Saikia (www.robinsaikia.com).
The classes are ideal for Italians with a good knowledge of English who would like to improve their pronunciation and grammar.
Conversation, reading aloud, common mistakes in English, pronunciation - these are just a few of the many topics we will explore on Tuesday evenings.
The setting is friendly and intimate - and drinks and snacks are available during and after the class.
A perfect way to improve your English in a relaxed, unpressurized environment.

-- Lesson 1 --

Reading Aloud
Each pupil will be asked to read aloud a short paragraph in English.
We will identify any discuss any problems pupils may have with pronunciation.

-- Lesson 2 --

Presentation I
Each pupil will be asked to speak for a few minutes about work, family or leisure interests.
We will identify and discuss any problems pupils may have with grammar and pronunciation.

-- Lesson 3 --

Common Mistakes
We will identify and discuss the most common grammatical and idiomatic mistakes pupils make when speaking English.

-- Lesson 4 --

A lively and colourful exploration of English idioms in everyday usage.

-- Lesson 5 --

A lesson in how to speak good, traditional English using Received Pronunciation. Learn how to develop an authentic and educated English accent.

-- Lesson 6 --

Role Play
Students will be asked to talk to each other and the teacher about a variety of everyday situations:
topics covered will include greetings, giving directions, eating, drinking, cooking,
shopping, sightseeing, children, education, relationships, media
and much more.

-- Lesson 7 --

Presentation II
each pupil will be asked to give a three-minute presentation on a topic set by the teacher.
The class will then discuss and debate each topic in turn.

-- Lesson 8 --

«We believe that Grandi Navi are important to the economy of Venice»
Do you agree or disagree? Pupils will be asked to support and oppose the proposition.

-- Lesson 9 --

False Friends (Falsi Amici)
An exploration of the most frequently occurring «false friends».

-- Lesson 10 --

Questions and answers
pupils will be given the opportunity
to raise any questions they might have
about spoken and written English.

-- €10 euro per Person per Lesson --
-- Maximum 10 Students --
-- Booking Required --

Aperitivo and Snacks available during & after the Lessons
(extra payment)